Welcome to SCFOA District 8

Rules meetings in full swing

Veterans have a couple of choices each week, while first- and second-year officials will meet separately.

Online exam is now open

Passing this exam allows you to work on Friday nights.

Registration still remains open

Still need to register? Want to join our group?

SCFOA clinic happening soon

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 27.

Football season is coming up fast! Now is the time to work hard and prepare so that you can enjoy the games.

Cool nights (eventually), football, outdoors with friends…it doesn’t get any better.

Get in the book! And stay in the book!

Join our team and receive many benefits.

When you call high school football, you stay active in the game you love; give back to the community; help student-athletes play the game they love; get exercise; earn a little extra spending money; and build lifelong friendships with other officials.